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Comfeed Pillows By Nina U Pregnancy Pillow - Blue

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Total Body Support on both sides to relieve pregnancy aches and to provide comfort. U shape makes it perfect for all sleeping positions. No need to re position your pillows every time you turn sides.

Superior quality branded micro fibre filling makes pillow:-
  • Hypoallergenic - Keeps away common allergies like sneezing, wheezing etc
  • Non reflexive - Pillow will mould to all your body positions and shape every time.
  • Light and fluffy with Zero pressure: This makes it totally safe for pregnant ladies. And the pillow also retains its own  shape over time
  • Comes with a protective inner cover , and a removable, washable outer cover made of pure, cool, soft cotton
  • Specialty U shape keeps your head, neck, shoulders and hips aligned for proper joint positioning
  • The U - Pillow helps you to lie on your left side  (as recommended by doctors) without rolling over  onto your back or tummy.
  • Slightly raised upper body helps relieve acidity and heart burn
  • Post pregnancy, it can also be used as a baby feeding pillow,  sitting support pillow, pillow to protect baby in parents' bed
  • Anyone in the family can enjoy its comfort for lounging, reading, leg support, tv watching, etc.

Dimensions - L 55 x B 35 x H 8 inches
Product Weight - 3 Kg
Made Of - Superior quality branded micro fibers

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