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My Story

Hi ! I’m Nina, a Mumbai based Mom with 2 great kids and a great business, that’s as close to my heart !

I actually started my career in advertising .. but 7 years in a job, was all I could handle! I gave it up to pursue my entrepreneurial, creative streak. The next couple of years were spent exploring ceramic hand painting and similar stuff.

Then along came my daughter in 2002 and poof!.... overnight I became a full time mommy. Alongwith all the joys that this brought, came an unexpected challenge... breastfeeding related issues. I well knew all its benefits but I also had my share of medical problems linked with nursing. Add to this posture issues that caused shoulder, neck and oh-so-common back problems.

I saw it through for 6-8 months, but breastfeeding was not an experience I was looking forward to again! But come 2004 and my son was born. Luckily, a friend sent me an odd looking feeding pillow to try out this time. The concept of this pillow changed my life. I could now breastfeed and relax at the same time! I could laugh, talk, read a book, watch tv, etc, all while my son nursed to his heart’s content.

I couldn’t help but wonder that there must be thousands of new moms out there going through exactly what I was. And if this one pillow could change my life then those moms had every right to have access to something like it too. This thought remained with me, somewhere in the back of my mind. By the time my son turned two, I was ready to get back to work and to do something more meaningful than just a job!

Every problem breeds a successful solution. And so I went back to the drawing board with a few sketches and iterations of this pillow that had helped me so much and developed an indigenized pillow that would suit the Indian environment. Thus, in 2007, was born COMFEED NURSING PILLOW by Nina.

After that, there was no looking back! I did countless demos and meetings with pre natal consultants, paediatricians, gynaecologists and lamaze classes. Few were unsure (this was the first time anyone had seen a pillow like this in India), most needed no convincing and ALL of them were more than happy to explain its benefits to their clients…for which I will be eternally grateful.

And so what started as a small venture soon gained popularity and momentum by word of mouth (nothing beats a happy customer) and by encouragement from these specialists. Over time, realizing that there was very little focus on the pregnant woman and her overall comfort , i designed and developed products that help make the 9 month journey a dream. Thus were born, Comfeed Pregnancy Pillow By Nina and Comfeed Wedge Pillow By Nina.

Culminating today, in 2016, I’m thrilled to introduce My Stork Story - a premium maternity & baby-care brand that offers unusual products yet functional designs. Comfort matched by style. Impeccable quality combined with great value. All so that your 9 month story is guaranteed to be ‘happily ever after’!