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Comfeed By Nina Large Or Twins Feeding Pillow With Back Support & Silent Release Buckle - Grey Teddies

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As your newborn grows in height and weight, a regular size feeding pillow may fall short. This is especially true if you are planning to breastfeed your baby till approximately 6 months. Comfeed Large or Twins Feeding Pillow measures 23 x 21 inches and will comfortably accommodate your growing baby whether single or twins.

For a new mother, breastfeeding her twin babies at the same time is the most perfect and ideal option. It saves time and energy, increases milk production and offers a great opportunity for physical bonding. However, its not easy juggling two hungry babies at feed time and a large, well designed nursing pillow can be a lifesaver. 

Key Features

  • Larger surface comfortably fits twin babies or a big single baby
  • Easy positioning helps babies to 'latch-on' correctly and quickly
  • Helps you to maintain the right posture
  • Firm, wide surface takes babies' weight off your arms so no more shoulder, neck or arm aches
  • Has double, 6" high back support to help you through hours of nursing
  • Adjustable Velcro + Buckle strap to securely fit all body sizes, without slipping and sliding. The Velcro allows you to wear the pillow in just few seconds. The Silent Release Buckle helps to open the strap without making a noise of Velcro and disturbing the baby.
  • Lightweight and hence ideal for sensitive, tender c-section tummies
  • Pure cotton fabric cover that is removable and washable 
  • 2 handy front pockets for burp cloths, napkins, etc
  • This pillow is equally suitable for Larger size moms or Large single babies too


Cover Material -  Pure cotton fabric cover that is removable and washable 
Dimension - L 23 x B 21 x H 6 inches (L 58.5 x B 53 x H 15 cm)
Made Of - High Density Foam

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