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My Stork Story Carry Nest/Sleep Bag - White 123 Print

Sale price Rs. 600.00 Regular price Rs. 800.00
Presenting a safe and cosy way for your baby to be carried around or to sleep. This carry nest/sleeping bag is perfect for active babies who are prone to fidgeting while being carried or kick their blankets off during the night. It also prevents your little one's feet or toes from getting caught in the cot bars. The carry nest/sleeping bag can be used at home or outdoors - in a car, carry cot, pram, etc. 

Key Features :
  • Ideal for carrying fidgety and tiny newborns and for active babies who kick off their covers while sleeping
  • Helps to stop baby's feet from getting stuck in the cot bars
  • Most convenient to use while travelling with baby
  • Zip closure makes it easy to place baby in the sleeping bag, even when asleep and also helps for quick and easy diaper changing
  • Can also be used as a baby mattress by opening out the zip closures


  • Made of soft pure cotton fabric filled with a hypoallergenic fibre sheet
  • Size : 12" x 24"
  • Suitable for 0-6 months
  • Easy to clean


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